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The machines are not tied to any particular operating system. They just listen to whatever is sent to them. Janome appears to have recognized that we are at the end of the era of PCs, be they Windows or Mac. The future is tablets. My youngest grandchildren were able to figure out how to use an iPad before they were 2. Now at 3 I seriously doubt that I could teach them how to do anything meaningful on a PC without adult help to get things started.

There are some things that will still be PC-base. Digitizer MBX, for example, is a huge program that has more than 25 years of development behind it. Rebuilding it for use on a tablet would be a monument undertaking, and it would take a very long time to recover the cost. With the 15000 Janome is offering two paths. I think they are looking at the iPad as the future, even going as far as making a deal with Apple to get iPads to include with each 15000 sold (at least until they run out). They also have updated HorizonLink for the 15000, making it easier and better. I don't think they are abandoning Windows, nor do I think they will make software to run under OS X on Macs. Steve Jobs said that PCs are like trucks. For some jobs (Digitizer MBX) you need a truck, but most of us just need cars, which is his metaphor for the iPad. I really hope that Janome is embracing this idea, and not just trying to be trendy, because it clearly is where things are going.

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My husband asked an interesting question last night. Since Janome machines and software are windows based, why would they pair it with an apple based iPad? Could it be that maybe they might change to apple so that we don't have to have 2 operating systems, when we prefer apple? Windows to sew and apple for everything else? I thought he raised an interesting question.

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