Re: Embroidery thread hooks


Here's a link to the photo of the clips which actually clips to to lid like a clothes pin.  It works so well because the thread slides into a looped area of the clip and is not restricted.  I also posted the pix in the group folder.

Hope this helps.


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We most likely use some other term in Australia, can you therefore please tell me what a kitchen clip is and what it looks like? Is it one of those self adhesive bathroom hook thingies?????


--- In janome12000@..., private party wrote:
> Very good idea. I have a couple of those in the kitchen drawer so I
> can just grab those and use them!! Super and cheap!! Nothing is
> usually cheap with TOL sewing machines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> - JTB
> On 8/27/13, Georgia Olivier wrote:
> > I have clipped this 'kitchen clip' to the 12000 lid that opens so the thread
> > runs from the stand (mine is the older brother 10 spool stand I used with my
> > 10001) but provides a little extra guidance to the machine path. It's works
> > very well for me.
> >
> > Georgia

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