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Regarding remote monitoring, not quite the same, but I have used a baby monitor

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Pixey, I so agree with you. I have not seen anything yet in the new
machine except the new designs which we have not really seen close up that makes
me want to upgrade.

I rarely leave my machine when it is running, each time I do it seems
something happens. I think it likes our company.

Have a great day,


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While it does sound like the new machine has some interesting
enhancements, am I the only one that thinks monitoring it remotely from another room is
a rather ridiculous feature in search of a user? In my embroidery club,
the no. 1 rule is not to leave your machine sewing unattended because
therein lies disaster. And my own experience has shown this to be true...through
a christmas decorated sweatshirt project for my mom where the sleeve
somehow flopped over under the needle when I stepped out of the room for just a

Similarly, just this past weekend, I was doing a towel monogram request
from my mother-in-law and for the first time had a thread nest problem.
Because I was lounging only an arms length from the machine I could quickly
hear that something that sounded like it was straining and was able to
immediately hit the stop button. I caught the nest early, had minimal damage to
clean up, and was able to save the project. If I had been in another room
and relied on the iPad speaker to hear the problem and on the machine to
stop via wi-fi or the trouble sensors, I would have been shopping all over
town for a matching replacement towel.


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