Re: Info plz

Vikki Youngmeyer

Actually, I would like to see technology on sewing machines evolve to where one could use an external spool of thread for the bobbin and not have to screw with winding it onto a bobbin. If one can have a path for the upper thread using anything on which the thread is wound that fits on the top of the machine, there should be a way to have a similar path for the lower thread – think “ant farms”! Bobbin case technology is archaic.


The newer long arm quilting machines have gotten away from small bobbins and can now handle bobbins that  hold twice as much as standard sewing machines do. That’s a start, but only a band-aid on an existing issue!


Bobbins have given everyone problems since the day they were invented –bobbin cases always needed adjusting. If one can a “flow thru” path on the top thread, why can’t a machine be designed to handle a “flow thru concept” on the lower thread? Of course that would be like  attaching a power cord to a treadle machine!  What a concept! Sorry, just grumpy tonite!



Houston, TX



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