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maggie cooper

Think of a D2F as a storage jar, the motifs are the bits you pop in the jar. When you create a motif and use the NEW option, that's creating a D2F storage jar, you give that a name, and then when its open you name the motif to go in it. It's wonderfully simple and so easy to use. In fact it's the best motif maker I have out of all my embroidery digitising programs. But don't keep all your motifs in one D2f file, as the more you make the longer it takes to scroll through them. Split them into types, runstitch, satin stitch, candlewicks, different star shapes, borders, etc. I have 2 experimental D2f folders where I play with various stitch shapes and see how they work as runline or fill motifs. Then when I'm happy with one bring it in as a stamp, then create a motif and save it to one of my D2F categories. Then I open my experiment D2F in the program and delete the original.

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Thank you very much. I think I understand. The D2f is a file like a folder where all the motives are stored. I thought that each motif was a D2f file. Thank you. I have been following Trevors classes for 1 year now and enjoy them very much.Always like it when you also share your knowledge with Trevor.s group. How can a person join your group.Thank you again.

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