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It's fun to speculate on what might happen in the future, but the fundamental part of the machine that makes stitches has not changed substantially in over 100 years. We still need a needle and a bobbin, and the hook goes around to make a stitch. I remember back in the 70s there was some research into seeing if they could "weld" fabric with ultrasonic waves, but it never went anywhere. Just about all the changes we have seen in the past 50 years have been made so the machine could do more, particularly embroidery. There's probably still room to improve that, maybe doing away with the need to hoop, but the basic sewing functions are probably not going to change much.

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I thought a CD drive would be "old fashioned" I suppose in 2 years we will have the next new version: no need for wirelss, we"ll just THINK the design and "poof" it will show up on the virtual screen floating in the air and throat depth will be a thing if the past because no hoops will be needed: fabric will be kept taught with invisible air vents and the needle will be free floating above the surface...(I am just trying to keep up!!!!)
Joy :-) :-)

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I thought so too, looking at the picture, but Diane told me it's storage for the stylus that you use on the screen. CD drives are on the way out - it's all going to the cloud.

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Does the 15000 have a CD drive? it looks like it from the pictures, but I see no mention of it.

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