Re: Towel Monogramming Question

Tony Coley

When asked to "match" I always do a test sew before hand. Waste of time? Probably, but I'm just overcautious.
Tony in Alabama

From: Pixey Mosley
To: "janome12000@..."
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 1:02 PM
Subject: [janome12000] Towel Monogramming Question

My mother in law who was visiting from out of state asked for a favor.  She had been given a gift of a single set of monogrammed towels and asked if I could monogram a companion set for her husband with his initials.  MBX had a font that appeared to match exactly...Yeah!  But when I did the stitch out the satin stitching on the fatter part of the letters looked much narrower and it sunk down more into the pile than I expected.  I used medium tear away underneath and a layer of water soluble stabilizer on the top...but it still seemed almost as if the tension was too tight.  Suggestions?  I think I set the fabric as terry in MBX, but is there something I should have done on the machine itself?
(Incidently, thread nest referenced in my other email was not part of this issue...that one was user caused because everything went fine after I put in a fresh needle and rethreaded.  It was already sewing narrow before that occurred.)
Fortunately, she thought it looked fine and was I still got daughter-in-law points...but am glad I won't have to look at it because I felt it should have come out better.

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