Re: THE TREE...Where do you buy the pattern?


I know how you feel! Hope everything works out for you!  I'm looking forward to learning all about mine as well as the new software.  Haven't had mine long and had to take it back to my dealer this week for some tension issues that needed addressed but looking forward now to starting some projects after company next weekend!  The week prior to Christmas I might actually have time to start!  :)

From: Donna Morton
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Subject: Re: [janome12000] THE TREE...Where do you buy the pattern?

Pj’s at
From: seamgood
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Subject: [janome12000] THE TREE...Where do you buy the pattern?
Good morning everyone!
Where do you go to buy the tree pattern?
Donna, it is beautiful. Nice job.
Keep your fingers crossed...I have a lady coming over to hopefully buy my 11000 this weekend. Then I can get my new 12000! Oh, I can hardly sleep with all the excitement going on in my head.
Happy sewing!
Gloria in MA

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