Re: How Much Top Thread Should Show on Underside of Embroidery?


So does this mean 1/3 of top thread on either side of design with 1/3 of bobbin thread showing in the center on the back side of design? If so, my embroidery now that my dealer adjusted the tensions is great!

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A simple "rule of thumb" is 1/3 - 1/3 - 1/3 of top - bobbin - top thread. If you are not using Janome bobbin thread you should use the yellow dot case and you should get the 'thirds' result.

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> Hi,
> I should already know the answer to this question, but I was having trouble with the tension on my 12000. I just got it back and think it is ok now. However, I was told by another 12000 owner that she never has any top thread showing on the underside of her embroidery.
> I was told by my dealer and also a lady who works for him on two separate occasions that there will be some of the top thread pulled to the underside.
> The top side looks good and no bobbin thread showing.
> If anyone can post pictures of what is normal, I'd appreciate it. I looked back at some of my embroidery I did with my 11000 and it too showed some top thread pulled to the underside. Perhaps I was doing something wrong even with my 11000, but looks good on the top side on those too!
> Thanks for any advice you can supply!
> Marla

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