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Donna Morton

Hi Cheryl
What you say is very true about the earlier Janome embroidery machines – small is better—but that is not the case with the 12000.  As I mentioned, the software engineer right from Janome Japan attended our meeting at Institute and told us that the size of the USB stick on the 12000 is no longer an issue.  The processor is quite different than earlier machines.  Owners can use any size they wish.  The only thing I would add is that any software that comes on the larger capacity USB sticks must be removed.
Donna M
From: Cheryl
Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2011 7:58 AM
Subject: [janome12000] Re: Memory Stick


What my dealer told me was to NEVER use a large USB. The processors in our sewing machines don't like them. Also remember that the larger they are the longer it will take to load designs into the machine. Why on earth would you want to put more than a few designs to stitch out on a USB anyway. You can only do on design at a time. If you must have a very large memory USB, use it to store the designs as a backup for your computer.

After saying all that, I helped a lady with a MC10000, so out of date that I didn't even recognize what the files were on her PC Card. She had the whole Stitchitize 3000 designs on that one card or perhaps 2. I was horrified that she had been stitching away for years. I had her machine upgraded to the version 3 so that I could help her as she does not have a computer. Go figure BUT her card was a 256mb as that machine doesn't use USB's.

Still, my advise is to stay small, it's easier on the processor in your expensive embroidery machine. My dealer also sells Pfaff, Bernina and Babylock and she says that they all prefer the smaller memory devices.


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> I was never able to use anything but a 2gb in my 11,000SE maybe it has
> changed.

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