Patricia Ward

One of the things that my dealer emphasized was the 30 lbs for just the machine so that you could easily take it to class esp for the new machine instruction classes.  I thought oh.. only 30 lbs?  Doubt with my old arthritic shoulders that I can even lift that.  Then I really laughed when he said that he thinks Janome designed this for the over 50 crowd.. and I thought..' Hmm a mighty strong over 50 crowd".  

I really like my Jem 760 for taking to classes.. that is more my weight class.

Pat in MD

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 6:39 PM, Chris Krause <nckrause@...> wrote:
Hi, Kate.  To answer your question, the machine is 37.9 lbs with the
embroidery unit and 30.2 lbs without. However, the embroidery unit has a
carry case, so I imagine you would carry your machine into class then get
the embroidery unit.  I'm guessing the 12000 has not been designed as a
machine that would be frequently taken to classes, but I do know that Janome
makes several lightweight models that are easily transported and very
popular with those who attend classes.


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