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Don't forget about that trace basting. That 14 hoop with its roundness does waste a lot of fabric. I wanted to put a corner design on the corner of a ready made placemat (the design was a corner snowflake from urbanthreads) and I fused tearaway stabilizer to the corner and way beyond so I'd have something to hoop. Then I stitched the trace basting that bastes around the outside and the inside of the design. It came our perfectly!

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On the embroidery library site, if you go to Kenny's Corner, there is lots of embroidery help. We seem to be doing well on this forum as well. I'm glad you got your machine back and that all seems to be working well now. I know what a panic it must be when thousands of dollars are spent and we don't have the results we should.

Ginger, I am going to have to learn that I MUST change the needle plate. I just did a whole quilt with one of the machine's designs. I do see a bit of the gold showing on the backside, which of course would have to be black. It is meant to be a large wall hanging, so it won't matter. I hope my son in law likes it as it is for his music room. I'll post pictures when it is finished.

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Oh thank you, Ginger.  No, I'm sorry, guess I didn't explain well enough.  No loops.  Just showing some on the underside.  Now I did have a tension problem though!  The dealer had to take the top of the case off and turn a screw to adjust the upper tension plate.  He also adjusted the screw on the bobbin case some.  But mostly it was the upper tension, I guess. 
I found another site this evening on machine embroidery that looked like it had some good advice.  I just need to study up more on hooping and stablizers, etc. to make sure I get a good stitchout from my new 12000! :)

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Yes absolutely.  When you were explaining it the past few days I thought you meant there were loops and that is why I was concerned.

You are fine.  Trust me, worry no more.  I agree it did show on our 11,000 but not as much.  It is probably because the yellow dot bobbin case we use makes it tighter, which is good.

 It allows you to not have to use the same color thread on the top and bottom if we do not want to.

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On the test piece we did at my dealer's store today with my machine there was about 1/3 or so of the backside showing the top thread and the rest was the bobbin thread.  I was supposed to take my test piece home, but I must have left it at the store.  So no pictures to post unless I get another test done soon.
Is this "normal"?  The top looked good.

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In the hoop embroidery you use the yellow dot.  It has a little tighter tension which is good.

You used the right one.


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I did a in the machine daisy design last night in the 5 by 5 hoop. It stitched out beautifully. There was absolutely no puckers at all and the machine is so quiet. However there was very little bobbin thread showing on the back just the top thread, and there was no bobbin thread on the top. I used Janome bobbin thread and the single hole needle plate. Bobbin case was the yellow dot case which I believe should have been the other one but I am having a hard time remembering that part. Judy

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