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Assuming that the sound is coming from the embroidery unit, I would guess there is some debris caught in the belt that moves the hoop horizontally. There are teeth on this belt, and a wad of lint could cause the belt to jump when that lint hits the drive gear. The best course would be to have them take the cover off the embroidery unit and check the belt for debris. At the same time the could make sure that it moves smoothly.

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My MC12000 has recently begun making popping sounds when embroidering.
I am making the Hoopsisters mystery quilt using the SQ23 hoop. Each time the machine crosses a certain point on the horizontal axis it makes a popping sound. Stitches seem to be fine. No popping sounds on the vertical axis yet. My dealer said not to worry about, but it still concerns me. Am I harming my machine by ignoring this warning sound? What could be causing it? TIA.
Mary in Savannah, TX

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