Re: machine so hot the white plastic in the bottom of the bobbin case melted!

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

I've seen this once, although there was no melted plastic. The hook race, which the bobbin case sits in, had a burr on it from a needle strike. With each rotation a tiny amount of dust was "filed" off the bobbin case by the burr. The dust was very fine, and gradually made more and more friction. Eventually the bobbin case got hot enough to expand so much that the hook could no longer turn and the machine stopped.

I've serviced MANY machines with burrs on the hook race. It's very easy to do and most people never notice. In severe cases like yours, it can lead to bigger problems. In other cases all that fine dust and friction will cause the machine to squawk very loudly. A drop of oil silences it for a short while, leading people to think that it's a lubrication problem, and the real cause never gets fixed. About 80% of the time the burr can be carefully polished out, but in the other cases a new hook race is needed. It's a medium difficult repair for an experienced tech.

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Has anyone else experienced this? I was happily embroidering Saturday when the machine suddenly started making ugly stitches and sounding funny. I stopped it immediately and removed the hoop thinking the bobbin must have a problem. The plate was so hot I had to use a cloth to remove it and the bobbin was hot. I got the bobbin out and realized the white plastic ring at the bottom of the bobbin case had melted! I took the machine to my dealer yesterday and he said he had never seen this happen and did not know what caused it. I am waiting to hear from him. This was a design I have sewn many times and I was running the machine at app 70%, not at the highest speed. The stabilizer was badge master and I was using the Janome blue needle.

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