machine so hot the white plastic in the bottom of the bobbin case melted!

lynschieber <merijschieber@...>

Has anyone else experienced this? I was happily embroidering Saturday when the machine suddenly started making ugly stitches and sounding funny. I stopped it immediately and removed the hoop thinking the bobbin must have a problem. The plate was so hot I had to use a cloth to remove it and the bobbin was hot. I got the bobbin out and realized the white plastic ring at the bottom of the bobbin case had melted! I took the machine to my dealer yesterday and he said he had never seen this happen and did not know what caused it. I am waiting to hear from him. This was a design I have sewn many times and I was running the machine at app 70%, not at the highest speed. The stabilizer was badge master and I was using the Janome blue needle.

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