Re: Should I have done something differently?

Carl Fuller

Rest in knowing you did a great job and give it to someone on a galloping horse. No one will notice. Otherwise, just the first part. Great job.

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I finished up a purse this week-end for a friend. I turned the project right side out and hand basted the top edge before giving it a good press. Then I used the serpentine stitch instead of just a straight stitch to finish off the top edge and hold everything together. That stitch is positively beautiful! I couldn't have asked for anything better. My question, though is this: Should I have lightened the pressure of the presser foot before stitching all these thick layers together? The top edge is now "indented" a bit where the stitching is. Of course, no one on a galloping horse would spot this -- I tend to over analyze and strive for perfection. What would you do?

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