Re: How Much Top Thread Should Show on Underside of Embroidery?

Sherry Martin

I looked at the several little applique projects I did that I talked about in my earlier post (What I Love About Embroidery on this machine).

The ones I did without the yellow bobbin and without straight stitch plate had bobbin thread showing on both the top and the bottom. On the bottom all I could see was bobbin thread.

The ones I did with yellow bobbin and straight stitch plate looked really really good on top and on the bottom mostly just top thread showed with just a little bobbin thread.

Since this was applique these were heavy satin stitches only.

As long as it is looking good on top and there is no puckering, I'm not really concerned how it is looking on the bottom.

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I should already know the answer to this question, but I was having trouble with the tension on my 12000. I just got it back and think it is ok now. However, I was told by another 12000 owner that she never has any top thread showing on the underside of her embroidery.

I was told by my dealer and also a lady who works for him on two separate occasions that there will be some of the top thread pulled to the underside.

The top side looks good and no bobbin thread showing.

If anyone can post pictures of what is normal, I'd appreciate it. I looked back at some of my embroidery I did with my 11000 and it too showed some top thread pulled to the underside. Perhaps I was doing something wrong even with my 11000, but looks good on the top side on those too!

Thanks for any advice you can supply!


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