Re: Need help with price on a 12000 please


I have purchased from this dealer before. I have to drive a couple of hours because he will not mail it. My local Janome dealer never offered a class when I bought my first machine she said they were too much trouble. Probably why she is out of business now. He specifically said it will include everything that comes in the box so I assume that there is no extra software etc. I will check on the warranty. I was not planning to do this so fast but I am having a hard time resisting that price. I won't wait for the new machine because the TOL right out of the gate is always out of my price range so it doesn't matter what it offers since I can't afford it anyway. Makes that an easy decision!!Thank you so much for the feedback. I am looking forward to participating in this group.

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Good Morning Penny

If you are happy with your dealer and feel he will give you good support
then jump at this deal. Be sure he is giving you the full warranty with the
machine and you can check back with either Janome website or us to be sure
you are getting everything that comes with the machine. It does include
lots of extras and it is an awesome machine.


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