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On the test piece we did at my dealer's store today with my machine there was about 1/3 or so of the backside showing the top thread and the rest was the bobbin thread.  I was supposed to take my test piece home, but I must have left it at the store.  So no pictures to post unless I get another test done soon.
Is this "normal"?  The top looked good.

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In the hoop embroidery you use the yellow dot.  It has a little tighter tension which is good.
You used the right one.
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I did a in the machine daisy design last night in the 5 by 5 hoop. It stitched out beautifully. There was absolutely no puckers at all and the machine is so quiet. However there was very little bobbin thread showing on the back just the top thread, and there was no bobbin thread on the top. I used Janome bobbin thread and the single hole needle plate. Bobbin case was the yellow dot case which I believe should have been the other one but I am having a hard time remembering that part. Judy

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