Re: Acufil Quilt Kit for the 12000


ever since I heard on this list about the new model, I wonder where you get this info from. As far as I know Janome is not promoting it, like they did with the 12000 two years ago.


Op 03-08-13 14:33, Jim_Stutsman schreef:


It may be a couple of months before the new model is available for purchase, but in 3 weeks we should know it's price and capabilities. You might want to wait at least that long. Once the new model has been announced there should be substantial reductions in the price of the 12000 to clear out inventory.

--- In janome12000@..., "audrey" wrote:
> Many thanks for your replies.
> I am now seriously thinking about changing to the Janome 12000. Should I wait for the new model, whenever that is coming???
> Or, should I stick with my Brother Innovis 1??? Questions, questions!+
> As the saying goes, “I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure”.
> Has anyone changed from a Brother to the Janome 12000?
> I’d welcome anything that could help me make the right decision. Such a lot of money in question.
> Meanwhile, thanks so much for your help so far.

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