Re: Needle off center


It may appear to be off but if your stitching is good it probably is just the position of it.  Remember you have 2 holes in your embroidery plate one to the left and one to the right.  When you close embroidery mode your needle moves.
Also your needle needs to be in the utmost position to be threaded.

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Thanks for the kind welcome! I love cookies! I have a new kitty and the puppies....hard to resist!

But I also have a question. My 12000's needle seems to be slightly off center. It is slightly to the left of the center of the clear foot (with red arrow) and the same amount to the left when trying to use the needle threader. Is this normal? The stitch is perfect and I do not want to mess with that, but my 1/4" seams are off.

Thanks in advance.


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