Re: Needle off center


I noticed the same and it became a bit problematic when I was doing rows of quilting, alternating the direction. I then noticed that the space between the lines of stitches were not equal, so I had to adjust the needle all the time and could not use the single needle hole plate.
So I have to ask my dealer to adjust this, next time I bring my machine in.


Op 23-07-13 12:46, jeannieh schreef:


Thanks for the kind welcome! I love cookies! I have a new kitty and the puppies....hard to resist!

But I also have a question. My 12000's needle seems to be slightly off center. It is slightly to the left of the center of the clear foot (with red arrow) and the same amount to the left when trying to use the needle threader. Is this normal? The stitch is perfect and I do not want to mess with that, but my 1/4" seams are off.

Thanks in advance.


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