Re: FootBook

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

Right now there is no update to get. To see when updates are available watch the App Store icon. It will show a red circle when there are updates, along with the number of updates available. Open the App Store and tofu the Updates icon to download them for free.

--- In, "Cheryl" <capaul@...> wrote:

Hi Jim,

How do we get the update. I have the one from before the 12000.


--- In, "Jim_Stutsman" <jim@> wrote:

No need to wait Liz, app updates are always free.

Thanks so much!

--- In, "Liz" <dse7sew@> wrote:

Jim, I was going to buy the FootBook App for my i Pad but should I wait if you are going to renew it for the 12000 Machine? or will it be a update. Thanks Liz

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