Re: Special 24 hour poll - I need your help!


I like choice 2, any of the colors

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Choice 2 seems easiest on the eye, what a shame you have to do the work again. It is much appreciated Jim. Regards, Joan

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You may have heard news reports about Apple's upcoming iOS 7 operating system for iPhone and iPad. It's a radical departure from everything they've done before and we will be completely rebuilding our FootBook app for it. One thing required is a new icon. I've been asking designers for ideas and have narrowed the choices down to 5. I'm an engineer, with dubious taste, so I'm asking you color and style experts for your opinions on these. Before you pick, please see this page, which shows the old Apple icons against the new ones:

Now go to the photo albums and pick the one set you like best. Also indicate which colors you like.

I've got to make my choice tomorrow, so please respond as soon as you can. Thanks so much for your help!

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