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The basting stitch on my machine is now fine - on all four hoops! This morning I started over, attached the embroidery unit again, tested the basting stitch, and all is well. I finished a redwork design on a tea towel and have posted a picture in the Photos just to let you see how beautiful the redwork designs are.

Because this is a fabulous - and pricey - machine, I have found myself a little too timid about doing new things like popping out switchplates (love that feature!) and attaching embroidery units. To all you prospective 12000 owners I would just say watch the instructional DVD, read the manual carefully - and then just go for it! Thankfully Jim is always here to bail us out in this Yahoo group.

I love the built-in storage - all the feet AND the extra switchplate and bobbin case fit into the storage. I'm enjoying the needle threader (never used the one on the 10,000 and the 11,000 cuz some people had issues with it). Love the lights and the big machine bed...and I LOVE the size of the hoops!!!!

Can't wait for the Digitizer upgrade, I have so many existing designs I want to play with, but in the meantime I'll enjoy trying more of the beautiful built-in designs.

I'm looking forward to hearing from more of you as you get your machines, and discover what you can do with them!!

Chris in rainy (so what else is new?) Vancouver

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