Template Alignment Guides for border designs

Patricia Ward

Hi Jim,
Thank you for starting this list as I am sure we will all have many questions. Who better to answer them?

As I anxiously await for the delivery of my machine, I have been reading thoroughly the brochure that was given at the launch party. 

I am referring now to doing border designs and on page 10 it says that some of the included border designs will "automatically create small basting stitches called Template Alignment Guides".  

Here are my questions;
1. I am assuming there is no clothsetter with the 12000.
2. Will the machine automatically do this for all border designs such as those you purchase from another source?
3. Will the new software do that if the machine does not? 

Maybe you and Diane will think it worthwhile to do a newsletter on this subject with the detailed explanations and photos that you sometimes do.  

This is one of the many reasons I wanted this machine.. I want to do borders on curtain valances and bed skirts. 


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