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Hi Cheryl
I have just ordered my 12000 and only joined the group last week.
Your mention of the MC 6000 caught my eye! As I also have one that I bought 27 years ago - and she is still with me!.


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I just joined the group this morning. I am the grandmother of 10 and soon to be 11. I don't sew all the time but probably think about it more than anything else. I have been a Janome customer for over 25 years, starting with the MC6000, which is in my daughter's sewing room. My next machine was the MC10000 and that I traded for the MC11000. Now I have the newest the MC12000.

My machine is almost a month old and I just love it. It does great on quilts, my first embroidery project. It sews like a dream and is so quiet. I am learning more about it each time I go to sew.

I also enjoy digitizing and have purchased the upgrade to Digitizer MBX. I've done a few exercises, shared by our Janome Educator and now am going to stitch out the designs I've made - modified a bit to reflect Christmas rather than Janome, Digitizer and MBX. Good for the learning to change some things.

I will pop in with questions, when and as they arrive.


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