Re: New Machine


Hi Dawn
Replying fron Sunshine Coast QLD.
I have just been into my local dealer today and ordered my 12000.
I only bought my Horizon 7700 in June. But love the changes in the general sewing area of the 12000. And I have never done embroidery but this will give me a new challenge.
Dealer informed me be about 5-7 days for his order to be processed!
With quite as bit of travel over christamas and february can see SAdly I may not get much time to learn & play for a while:-(

Cooloola QLD

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Just a quick note to say that I picked up my machine yesterday afternoon. Here in New Zealand we are having port strikes but they managed to get them off the port b4 the strike began. Have read my instruction book last night so off to play today.
Thank you for the great group.

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