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Patricia Ward

Thanks, Maggie and Jim.

I was wondering if this was so true then why hadn't the machine companies esp those that have quilting machines come out with something as an extra to sell.  
Gee, if we bought everything out there on the market, we wouldn't have money left for fabric... then how do you quilt?   lol

I know that static can be deadly around electronics and thus I do not have carpet on my sewing room floor besides if a pin falls I want to be able to find it so it doesn't go into my foot or a Labrador paw.  I sit on a cotton covered booster pillow at my machine and generally wear cotton.   Synthetics are literally a static pain and very uncomfortable. lol


On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 8:08 AM, maggie cooper <maggiecoops@...> wrote:

Wow Jim, did you have one as well, my mother gave me the Magic Robot and my brother the magic ball, with ALL the answers, great if you knew the questions!
The only static I worry about is the static we create when wearing synthetics, have synthetic carpeting, then sit on older synthetic chair covers. I've given myself several evil little shocks through that in the past. I love the way marketing departments use quasi scientific mumbo jumbo to hoodwink us into buying their latest 'must have' items. I tend to use what my grandmother called 'a pinch of salt' when reading the claims of marketing hype. My children claim it's cynicism on my part, I claim it's just common sense. If you don't get a static discharge shock when you touch your machine, then don't fret over it. 
Maggie Cooper.  

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