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What is the LOCK OUT button?

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First change to a Janome bobbin. If your Bernina bobbin is metal, it will drag from the magnet that holds the bobbin case in, creating extra bobbin tension. Your problem is that the bobbin tension is greater than the needle tension. Next, when threading, be sure to use the LOCK OUT button. This opens the tension disks so that the thread will slide between them properly. If you don't do that it may not seat correctly. You may need to tighten the top tension. The default tension for the Patchwork 1/4 inch stitch is 3.8, and you may need 4.0 or more.

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Hi Jim,
I am using a universal 80 needle to piece 100% cotton. I am using the wide hole plate, and I've tried both Mettler 100% polyester and Gutterman 100% cotton thread in both the needle and bobbin. I have tried each combination and nothing seems to give me the perfect stitch. The problem is the underside thread. The loops from above are sitting on the bottom of the fabric, rather than being buried between the two layers. So, while the top stitches look perfect, the bottom is standing out like a ridge, not pulled into the fabric. I have changed bobbins as well, since I have a number of machines and have trouble distinguishing janome from other types. Right now I have a bernina bobbin in the machine. Could this be the problem?
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What are you seeing? Loops, puckering, or ??? What needle are you using? What fabric? Single hole plate or wide hole? What thread? Once we have some information we may be able to help.

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No matter how I adjust the tension on machine I am not able to get a good "look" for the underside of the stitching. I put in a new needle, I am using the patchwork 1/4 inch stitch for piecing. Any other suggestions?

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