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You probably need to calibrate the hoop. I just checked ours and noticed that it was about 4mm northwest of center. To calibrate it, put on a hoop (I used SQ14) with the plastic template in it. Then touch SET, go to the Embroidery (icon with machine & hoop) section and turn to page 4 of 6. Touch the Hoop Calibration button. Then use the arrow keys to move the hoop so that the needle passes through the hole in the template. Use the hand wheel to test, then turn the needle back up to move the hoop. When you get it centered, touch OK. This setting will be remembered. If you ever have to have the embroidery unit serviced, you'll need to do this calibration again when you get it back. This seems like something that should have been done in the factory, but they have been in a rush to get the machines out.

For those of you with machines, it would probably be prudent to test the hoop calibration. If you use the template to hoop your fabric (which is all you have - no Clothsetter), and the calibration is off, then your designs won't sew where you want them to.

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Hi, Jim. Back to bug you again. That makes you the buggee and me the...uh, forget that! I just did a redwork design that's built into the machine and it's beautiful - on top and underneath! But I do have a concern. I traced the design - around the perimeter of the hoop - with basting stitches and the basting square is not square with the hoop. It hinks to the left. (I can send you a pic if you want to see what I mean). Is there something I need to adjust?

Chris in rainy Vancouver

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