Re: Basting quilts with Elmer's glue

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

Elmer's Glue??? Hmmm. I prefer Juicy Fruit gum myself, or duct tape if I'm out of gum.

The glue should not hurt your machine, other than the possibility of tiny bits of it falling into the bobbin area. Regular cleaning should take care of that. In truth I would be more concerned about the 505 spray. I had more than a few customers that used that and spray embroidery adhesive right at their machine. This would leave a sticky residue all over the machine, and inside the throat area. I'd like to get back some of the hours I lost with Q-Tips and alcohol cleaning it out. As long as you spray WELL AWAY from the machine, you should be OK. With both glue and spray I would probably change the needle a little more often.

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Jim, what is your opinion on using this procedure? I've read that lots is people have done it and love it. Me, personally, I'm not sure. I like to use 505 basting spray. I don't want to gum up my beautiful machine and I haven't seen you address this particular topic. Sorry if I missed it.

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