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You should be able to update your machine with your Mac, though your procedure will be different from the instructions for Windows users.

1. Download the update from the Janome Global Site:

2. Double click the Zip file in your Downloads folder. It will be unpacked into a new folder called UpdateMC12000V110.

3. Open the UpdateMC12000V110 folder and locate the folder "PROG". Open it.

4. Insert a USB flash drive into your Mac. Open it and make sure it is empty.

5. Drag the 4 files from the PROG folder into the USB drive. It's important that you move only the 4 individual files, NOT the PROG folder itself.

6. Right click the USB drive, choose "Eject", and unplug it from your Mac.

7. Double-click the file MC12000UpdateTool_EN in the UpdateMC12000V110 folder. It will open in preview.

8. Follow the instructions beginning with step 5.

OS X in the Mac puts some hidden files on every USB device that is plugged in. If the update does not start as explained in the instructions, those hidden files may be confusing the update software in the machine. You can remove them using a utility called "Blue Harvest":
It's free to try for 30 days, though if you are going to be doing a lot of design transfers to USB I would strongly recommend buying it.

You will also want software for working with designs. There is a Mac-specific program called "StitchBuddy" that works great for this. It also removes the hidden files mentioned above:

Have fun with your new "baby"!

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I just bought the Horizon 12000! So Excited! I do not have a windows computer but an older Mac. Can I still do the update from the Janome Global site, downloading to a Mac and moving over via a USB? Do I need to wait until I get a windows sometime down the road? Thank you and love this site. So helpful!

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