Re: Janome 12000 FA10 Hoop

vicki chrobak

Anna, Jim brought this up early on & apparently quite a few were warped, including mine.  Dealer replaced it no charge under warranty.
Vicki Jo

On 5/31/2013 4:48 PM, annabell131@... wrote:
Hello All
I had to use my smallest hoop FA10 3.9" X 1.6" and discovered it didn't sit flat - it was raised about half inch on the end nearest the screen.
I took it back to my Dealer and she tried her hoop and hers was much the same.  I was trying to dome some 1" circles that were digitized for me and
They needed to be placed perfectly - but the hoop being warped made this task very difficult.  Also when the needle was sewing the flat end, it was perfect but when it was sewing the slightly raised end, the needle made a plopping sound as it went thru my stabilizer (which by the way was the only thing hooped) as I had to position my fabric
On top of the stabilizer.
I hope all this makes sense.  I wonder if anyone else has this problem.  It is rare that I use this size hoop.

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