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I have had that problem in the past. Now when I change the bobbin case I always turn the hanwheel towards me one full turn and if the needle goes through and doesn't stop it is inseted correctly if it doesn't go through it is inserted wrong so place it again until you can turn the wheel towards you and the needle goes through. This procedure has solved the problem for me.I have had my machine for almost 3 years now. I hope this will solve your problem.

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Your bobbin case should not be popping out at all and if you have brought
your machine back more than once you should not be paying for any service or
parts until your dealer gets it right.

As long as you are using the correct bobbin case. You should not be
having this problem. Also what bobbin thread are you using? Prewound bobbins
might be your problem, not all prewounds are correct for our machine. Also
when the machine tells you the bobbin thread is low do you change it? It
is hard to suggest everything that could be wrong, but the above could be
your issue.


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Has anyone had their bobbin case "jump out" when they are doing embroidery.
This causes needle breakage, and of course it jams everything up. I have
had it in for repairs three times in the last two months for this problem.
Of course the bobbin case gets scarred from the needle causing rough edges.
These must be sanded down. I have replaced both bobbin cases and lo and
behold, I was using a new bobbin case - put in only two days ago and it did it
again today - jamming up the machine so bad - I had to cut the needle in
half to get it out and then I couldn't even get the bobbin case out of the
machine it is wedged in so tight. I turned it off, and it is going back to
the dealer again tomorrow. It was only in on Saturday for the same problem.

I am really frustrated - is this a factory defect or what? I can't afford
to keep buying new bobbin cases at $30 a shot - and obviously my dealer
doesn't know what is causing it or how to fix it properly. I know I am putting
the case in properly - aligning all the arrows up where they are suppose
to go, double checking that the case is in right and doesn't move around.

My girlfriend who has the same machine does not have this problem. And I
know she is using it as much as I am as we are both working on the same Hoop
Sister's project - my machine has caused me so much grief I am ready to
turn it in for good except I like it when it is not broken

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