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I had the 11,000 and was thrilled to have the opportunity to upgrade to the 12,000.  I love the 12,000 the machine is fantastic.  The embroidery stitches are fantastic and the hoops as well.  I have the Quilting hoop and use that for many of the designs that require a 5x7 hoop with no waste of stabilizer.  I disagree about the hoops being designed for quilting.  The hoops were designed to allow more sewing area for us and the magnets make it much easier for hooping with no chance of our fabric coming out.  We do have  4 hoops that came standard with the machine including a 5 x 5 approx hoop. I think some wish for a 5x7 hoop but I do not miss that at all.  My desire for more sewing area makes me happy with what I have.  Remember with the largest hoop we can almost do 2 projects at one time.

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Have followed the comparison of Janome 11000 and 12000 with great interest. My previous machine was the 11000 and my only slight criticism of the 12000 is the size that makes taking it to a class impossible at my age: and the hoop sizing.

It is a joy to have large hoops when you need them, but to stitch out a small piece of 'homework' or test a design, they gobble up a large amount of stabilizer. Such a pity that Janome did not include a 5 x 5 hoop or something similar. Stitching a smaller design in a large hoop also causes more chance of inaccuracies in the embroidery.

The 12000 is perfect for ordinary sewing and obviously the result of Janome's wonderful development but I have come to the conclusion that the hoops and embroidery system were principally designed with quilts in mind. For ordinary sewing, if you press the T-shirt icon to tell the machine what kind of sewing you require the result is wonderful, no puckering on fine fabrics etc, perfect tension for topstitching and so on. Jim and Diane's DVD will enable you to make the most of this.

I wonder if anyone else agrees and have any tips on requesting Janome make a small hoop for the 12000?

Best wishes, Joan in UK

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