Re: Files not showing on MC12000


Be sure you are putting the files in the embf file.  Also be sure the design has the correct # of stitches.  As far as the first USB it is possilble you have too many designs on the drive and also what size drive are you using.

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I wonder if anyone has come across this problem and can help?
I have been merrily downloading jef files for my machine, using the same old memory stick and working away no problem.
Yesterday I downloaded a new design in the same way as before, and when i plugged in the memory stick, only two designs showed up. loads were missing as normally i would have to scroll through to find the one I want.
so, i found another memory stick, formatted it, put into the Janome, let it install the folders and tried from a different PC my normal steps - our other pc is a mac, and the other is windows just in case thats it.
still no files showing.
any clues to what is going on and how to fix ?
all reply very gratefully received!

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