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Since you've been doing this for a while, you know that the 12000 is very particular about where you put the designs. If you routinely put your designs in the EmbF folder inside the EMB folder, it may have filled up. There is a limit of 100 designs in that folder, and any other folders that you add. And of course you know that the designs on the stick are sorted by hoop size, so you have to turn pages to see all of them.

When you put a USB stick in a Mac, it creates some additional hidden files. One is for keeping track of how you want the folders displayed. Another is the recycle bin for that device. These should not cause the 12000 stress, but I've found that the sometimes do. The Janome implementation of Microsoft's file system is pretty bare bones, and if something is even slightly out of the ordinary, it can freak out. This program will remove those files from the USB stick:

In the past on older models I've sometimes had the machine fail to recognize new files. Formatting in the computer or the machine did not help, because the format operations did not overwrite old data on the USB stick or memory card. In those cases I would copy a very large non-design file onto the device, and then delete it. This overwrote all the old erased design data, which the machine seemed to be trying to use even though it was erased. Music files work well for this - just delete them after copying. And don't keep any non-design files on your USB drive, or folders other than the ORD and EMB ones the machine puts there.

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I wonder if anyone has come across this problem and can help?
I have been merrily downloading jef files for my machine, using the same old memory stick and working away no problem.
Yesterday I downloaded a new design in the same way as before, and when i plugged in the memory stick, only two designs showed up. loads were missing as normally i would have to scroll through to find the one I want.
so, i found another memory stick, formatted it, put into the Janome, let it install the folders and tried from a different PC my normal steps - our other pc is a mac, and the other is windows just in case thats it.
still no files showing.
any clues to what is going on and how to fix ?
all reply very gratefully received!

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