Re: May need a new machine

sandy k

I agree, just get the 12000, it does everything really good. I have used the 9900 for two days and really liked it, but I know I would want the bigger hoops and love the auto lift on the presser foot for appliqué with the 12000.  I own the 12000 and love it. 

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Thank you so much for this, Pat. I had no idea Jim wrote about the 11000 as well. I've purchased some of the newsletters, and they are quite helpful.

One more thing - approximately how much is the Customizer software?



--- In janome12000@..., Patricia Ward wrote:
> The best thing you can do is find Jim's series of 11 Talk newsletters at
> his online sewing store and purchase them. I think he did one or two
> issues on the acufil for the 11K and as all his stuff they are most
> helpful.
> Pat

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