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Ok, I tested with a straight stitch.   I cut the thread above the needle hole as instructed and pulled and found resistance.
I pulled on the bobbin thread and it pulled with a little resistance but not nearly like the top thread. 
Then I put the bobbin case in with the yellow dot.  It stitched fine with the straight stitch.  But then I used a zig zag stitch #3 and it is pulling the top thread to the underside with little loops just like using the bobbin case without the yellow dot.  I am using Gutermann thread in both the top and bobbin case for regular sewing.  I use this thread all the time for garment construction.  My test fabric is two layers of batiste I picked up at JoAnn.  I have also tested on denim using a needle for denim as well as using a couple other scraps of fabric with various needles.  So hoping it's just a matter of tweaking the bobbin case...but would both be messed up?!
I'm confused!  I have to leave for awhile but if you can give me advice on what to do next, I'd sure appreciate it!  My dealer will hopefully be in the first of next week if I need to take it in for him to adjust for me.
I really appreciate your help so much!

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When the machine is threaded and set for straight stitch #1, sew an inch or so and stop, leaving the foot down. Cut the needle thread at the front of the needle, above the eye, grab the free end and pull on it. You should feel a lot of resistance. If it comes easy, then the problem is in the needle tension and you'll need dealer assistance. If, however, the thread is fairly hard to pull, raise the foot, clip the bobbin thread and remove the fabric. Pull on the free end of the bobbin thread. It should come much easier than the needle thread, with just a little resistance. Compare the resistance of the regular bobbin case against that of the yellow dot case. The yellow dot should be much more resistant. If they are about the same, it may be that you got a yellow dot case that didn't get marked. Or if the yellow dot is LESS resistant, they may have just dotted the wrong case. Try using it for regular sewing.

Let's assume that the problem is all in the bobbin tension. You can fix that yourself. Here's how:
1. Sew about 3" on scrap using straight stitch #1.
2. If the bobbin is too tight you'll see little loops on the bottom and the bobbin thread on the bottom will be perfectly straight and easy to pull out. If it's too loose you'll see bobbin thread peeking through on top. Use different colors in the needle and bobbin to make it easier.
3. For bobbin too tight, turn the SLOTTED screw on the front of the case (It's at the 6 o'clock position when the case is in the machine) about 1/8 of a turn COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. If it's too loose, turn 1/8 turn CLOCKWISE.
4. Sew again and check. Repeat step 3 if needed. If nothing has changed after a couple of adjustments, do not keep tightening or loosening, as the problem is elsewhere and you won't fix it by endless tightening or loosening. You should see a change after the first adjustment.

While there are things that can cause problems that look like bad tension, you wouldn't see those on a new machine. There are only two components to the tension - needle and bobbin. After these tests you should know which one has the problem. Hopefully it's as simple as mis-marked bobbin cases and you won't need a dealer trip.

--- In janome12000@..., Marla Cooprider wrote:
> Jim,
> Thanks for that advice.  I tried that but nothing caught in there.  I assume you're talking about the upper tension area in the area that is numbered "3".  No luck.
> Could it be something with the bobbin case?  A lady I became acquainted with on the Janome forum sent me an email and suggested several things including trying the bobbin case with the yellow dot.  I haven't tried that, but thinking I shouldn't have to do that to get correct tension.
> So frustrated right now as it's looking like I'm going to have to drive an hour back to my dealer and have him look at it. 
> This lady also suggested downloading the upgrade which I haven't done yet, but pretty sure that won't help either!  But she was just grasping at straws.
> Thanks again for that tip. 
> Marla

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