Re: Tension problems for Ordinary Sewing

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It sounds like the tension is not operating correctly. There might be something stuck in there, like a small piece of styrofoam packing. Turn it off and raise the presser foot as high as it will go. Fold a strip of fabric and put the folded edge into the tension slot. Work it back and forth like dental floss. This will usually knock loose anything that's in there. Then turn the machine back on. Put some thread in the slot, lower the foot, and pull on the thread. You should feel resistance. If you don't then there is definitely a problem with the tension, and your dealer should be able to fix it.

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I'm brand new to this forum. I just upgraded my 11000 SE to the 12000 and got my new machine about a week and a half ago. I'm having problems with the tension on my machine just doing normal ordinary sewing! I have the bobbin case without the yellow dot in my machine. I have changed needles, rechecked the threading of the machine several times now!

I'm sure I should not have to adjust the tension settings just to do even cotton or denim, but there are small loops on the bottom of the fabric.

It's probably me, but I called my dealer and he tried to zig zag with his machine in the store and had to adjust the tension!

He was going to contact Janome and get back with me next week.

Has anyone else had problems or am I doing something wrong here? I've been using Janome machines for at least 15 years now and have sewn for over 40 years!

Thanks for any advice you can give. I'm thinking I may have to take my machine back to the dealer to figure out the problem.


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