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I did what you suggested here to "fix" the 6600. It worked for a little while and started doing it again. I had pulled a small piece of thread out initially. When it happened again, I repeated this process again and cleaned with a brush but couldn't see any thread or anything. It is still doing it. NOW the 12000 is doing the same darn thing! Is this problem contagious?? :-)

Seriously, the 12000 is doing this, too. I've looked and couldn't see anything and cleaned what I could see under the throat plate. What's up with this? On both machines, the top thread is getting caught down in the bobbin area and won't pull up. It's very frustrating that both my machines are down at the same time!

Help, please!
Susan L Smith

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It sounds like the thread cutter is stuck in the "cut" position, so the stitches are catching on it. You can remove the thread cutter cover from the machine by laying the machine on its back and using a Phillips screwdriver through the hole at the left end of the bed to loosen the screw holding the cover on. Then you'll be able to see the cutter, and maybe what's jamming it. If you can't clear it, have your dealer look at it. Don't make the mistake of dumping oil into the cutter. It doesn't need it, and it will cause more problems.

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I know this is a 12000 group (and I love my 12000) but I have a 6600
problem (love this machine, too). I hope you can help me.
Yesterday, while sewing a binding onto a quilt, I was brought to a
screeching halt by a thread nest under the sole plate. I took care of the
nest, removed the sole plate and cleaned everything really well, pulled out
a couple of pieces of thread and thought all is well.

I rethreaded top and bobbin and changed needles thinking this might would
help prevent this from happening again. But it didn't. When pulling the
bobbin thread up to the top, the top thread is getting hung up on something
under the sole plate. I took the plate off to see if I could 'fix' the
problem. The top thread is getting caught up on something behind the
bobbin in the mechanism under and to the left of the feed dogs. What could
be causing this? With the initial nest, I heard a 'clang' and then a
whirring stressed noise and the feed dogs tried to move the fabric. Is the
timing messed up? Is this something I can fix so that I don't have to take
it to the 'hospital' 2 hours away?

Thank you,
Susan Smith (in extremely rural south Texas)
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