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Wow! I had to print this post! LOL I will give it a try. Thank you Maggie

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I missed your initial mail regarding MBX failing to launch, I have had my seven year old grandson as a house guest on holiday from Kuwait. I'd forgotten how  much time a seven year old takes up.
If and when MBX fails to launch there are a number of steps you need to take so here they are.
1; go to Start, All Programs
2; Locate the Janome folder, in the program list.
3; Click on the folder and a drop down menu appears.
4;Select Delete Recovery files and left click it
5;A pop up dialogue box appears, Purge Recover and Backup Directories.
6; Tick the small box on the lower left saying yes to the Delete Back Up files
7; Click the OK button. That empties the recovery and back up folders.
8; go to Start, All Programs, Janome Folder, click on it to access the drop down menu.
9; Scroll down to the command Revert and select it.
10;Another pop up dialogue box appears, Revert to Factory settings
11; Put a tick next to Default settings only then click OK.
12; Return to Start All Programs, Janome, the drop down folder, right mouse click 'Delete Recovery Files', from the pop up dialogue box select 'Send To' and another smaller pop up dialogue box will open, choose 'Desktop'(create shortcut)
Do the same for the Revert function. Use both these monthly, more frequently if you use XP.
Try to Launch MBX, if it still fails to launch, dig out your original installation disc or upgrade disc, another major cause of the program failing to launch is Corel X5 essentials.
Insert the disc but instead of letting it run, choose Explore, and locate the Corel exec, double left click it to launch it, it will detect the program is already installed, and offer 3 options
Modify, Repair, Uninstall. Select Repair. It will then run through identifying any corrupted programing and repair it
. When it has finished running, remove the disc and retry launching MBX. If it still fails to launch, find or download the latest  update for MBX, if you have the latest  update installed, re run the update, NOT the version on the install disc, again you will be offered 3 options, select 'Repair'
If MBX still fails to launch you need to examine your system resources, I don't know if you are using a 32 or 64 bit operating system , if you use XP or windows 7 32bit you have a less than 4 gigabyte of ram available  for programs, anti virus and malware programs, MBX requires a lot of elbow room in order to run sweetly.
So you need to see exactly how much elbow room it has.
1; Start, All Programs, Accessories, left click on it.
2; Scroll down the list to System Tools and left click it.
3;From the drop down menu select System Information. Give it time to open.
4; A double column window opens, maximise it so you see the entire display without scrolling down through it.
5;On the left a system summary list, on the right a list giving the name and type of OS, the processor, bios, etc.
6; look down the list for Total Physical memory, or if win 7 Installed Physical memory,  On my XP machine I have 4.096.00MB on my work station 24 GB.
7; Now look at 'Available Physical' memory, on my XP machine I have  2.14 GB, and no digitising software installed, in fact no Ram hungry software installed at all. On my workstation I have 20.7 GBavailable RAM .  My XP machine would have problems running MBX as it only has 2.14 GB available to spread it its wings. It could run it, but I'd need to keep the computer free from junk programs, photographs, and defrag it regularly and run the disk cleaner at least twice a week. My xp computer was an expensive machine, an Alienware Desktop, with a powerful graphics card, AMD chipset, which at the time of purchase was the best for cadware programs and MBX is a CAD based program. But Digitiser Pro MB was only barely able to run, and knowing MBX was a more powerful program, I opted for a Windows 7 workstation.
Jim wont love me for this, but my XP machine out specced every available MAC machine at the time and still does apart from the most expensive, and they run similar specs today, but my XP Alienware is now about 6 or maybe even more years old.
I never buy inexpensive PCs, I enjoy my various hobbies too much, and they require a decent investment to run the software associated with them. A cheap computer is exactly that.   MBX needs double or even treble the specifications quoted on the box. To assist it to run sweetly, don't store photos on your PC, make copies on a variety of digital storers like CD's (safer than DVD's as they still haven't arrived at a mutual agreement as to which system to opt for) Compact flash cards, USB flash drives, NAS boxes, they consume too much of your system resources.
Run disk cleaner regularly, defrag regularly, get rid of all your junk programs you never use, in short give your PC a spring clean and give MBX room to fly. Don't use invasive security programs like Norton or McCaffee, they rob priority from other programs and use a mammoth amount of system resources. If you have a Windows 7 computer use Microsofts own AV and Internet security programs they are every bit as good as either Nortons or Mcafee, are free, and with sensible computer usage will keep you free of nasties. use a decent malware detector like Malwarebytes and use it weekly if not daily.
If after running repairs to Corel and MBX, deleting the backup and recovery folder contents, cleaning up your hard drive, MBX still wont launch, ring  your regional Janome tech support. Do NOT uninstall MBX. It can be done but you need to find all the Corel x5 essentials entries in the hidden folders etc, or you wont get a clean install.
Maggie Cooper UK.

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