Re: Bridge stitches


Hello Jim,
thanks but don't be sorry. Because with making the stitch this way I learned a bit more about the machine.
But I will download the ready made stitch in the files as well.

And it will be great if Diane can comment on the bridge stitches.


Op 14-05-13 15:42, Jim_Stutsman schreef:


Gerda I'm so sorry you went to all that trouble. There's a serpentine stitch for the 12000 in the Files section of this list. Just click "Files" on the left side of the list page, then look for "". This stitch was made in Stitch Composer, which will be covered in the upcoming DVD for embroidery and software. I'll ask Diane to comment on the bridge stitches.

--- In janome12000@..., "pinguin60@..." wrote:
> As I wanted to program a serpentine stitch and didn't know how, I
> started with the directions Diane gave on their website for the Janome
> 7700, see:
> I used bridge stitch no. 5 and I added some stitches to make it a 9 mm
> stitch.
> It took me some time figuring out how to program this stitch combination
> in my Janome 12000 and I wonder why the manual doesn't give a step for
> step instruction.
> The directions Diane gave were much clearer, even if they were for
> another machine.
> But now I wonder what the difference is between all the bridge stitches.
> I can't find much info in the manual.
> Actually, sometimes I wish there was Stitch-book app, like the footbook.
> Would that be possible (in the future, sometime, no pressure)
> Thanks,
> Gerda

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