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I vividly remember when they change the rules, saying that dealers could not sell accessories online. We'd been selling pre-wound bobbins online for a while, in very small volumes. Our online sales didn't even make 1% of our total sales. The morning that the ban went into effect, I received a call on my mobile phone while driving into work. I was told in no uncertain terms to take the bobbins off our website. After I did I searched the web and found no fewer than 5 other Janome dealers selling the same bobbins online. All of them were substantially larger than us, and none of them ever took the bobbins off their websites. The rules have changed some, and accessories are legal again IF you also sell machines online. Even so, the rules do not apply to dealers who buy enough Janome products each year.

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There are many Janome dealers around the country. However, they can only operate within a given area. You may live in Houston, TX but if your dealer won't buy a part for you, you can’t go online to a Janome dealer in Dallas or Texarkana and have them order a part for you. Now, outfits like Brubakers can somehow get around this I'm not sure why, but they can. Maybe Jim knows why, having been a Janome dealer in the past.


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