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Sherry Martin

I traded in a 6 month old 11000 and also got a 3160 for my "class" machine. My dealer also gave it to me as part of the deal, along with exchanging my 24x32 sew steady table for one that fits the 12000. He was pretty insistent that that would be the machine I would want for classes. I was willing to take a lesser model, but he didn't think I'd be happy and didn't even really quote me a price for anything else. If you figure that supposedly you can get the 12000 for $9000 ($12,000 retail) and the 3160 is $699 (supposedly $1000 retail), I got about $3500 for my 11000. I paid $5000 for it, which unfortunately was more than I should have. I bought it at a different dealer, and I found out later that the dealer I bought the 12000 from was selling it for $3800 at the same time I bought mine. So I lost some money in the deal but that was mostly because I paid too much for the 11000 to begin with. Oh, also got 48 mos. 0% financing.

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i am a newie to the site. Live in QLD Australia, on my own after recent passing of D H. Have owned Janome machines since 1982 and still have my memory Craft 6000 28 years. Have a daughter in Adelaide getting married in Sept 12. A son, daughter in law and two small granddaughters( 2 1/2 & 12 weeks) in Darwin whom I am visiting at Christmas.

Joined to get info on the 12000 as I am considering upgrading my 5 month old 7700 which I got after having a 6600 for 4 years. I have never used an embroidery machine before and it seems a bit daunting. But that said I think I am ready for a few new challenges in my life.
I have been into my dealer and he has offered me the 12000 for $8500 Aus. (rrp 11999). I reminded him my 7700 was hardly used so he brought down to $8000. I rang around and got similar offer from another dealer further away.
Then I asked about the 3160 as I would like option of a machine to stitch on while the embroideries stitch out. Second dealer gave a price of $699. Original dealer said Yes I can "chuck it in" and at NO extra price!!
Am seriously considering deal and off to dealer on Monday for a look and play.

Have belonged to the group sites for both other machines and find them very helpful

Cooloola Coast QLD

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