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I'm so looking forward to the new videos! thanks so much to Diane for the immense work (and I'm sure frustration) of just figuring out the software so we don't have to endure that aggravation. I've figured out a few things, but must admit knowing that the videos were coming, I've decided to not tempt myself to swear, and just wait until I can be taught by the pro!

If you decide to do a magazine, I'll purchase it. But if it isn't fun or economically/professionally worth your time...totally understand that! That's how I approach alterations. can do them. I consider it a chore, and not worth my time. So I refuse requests, and if money is an issue, offer to pay for my friend to have them done. Even my husband knows not to ask me! Life is short, and if the magazine is no longer fulfilling for both of you to do, then give it a rest. We'll treasure the issues we do have.

I appreciate the generosity you both have extended through free patterns/designs and assistance on this group. Barbara Jean

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All of Diane's works are available at Help is on the way for both Acufil and Stitch Composer. I feel your pain, as both of those programs have a terrible user interface. However her new videos will make them very usable.

I should point out that we do not do subscriptions, for the simple reason that there are just 2 of us and we cannot guarantee that we can meet a regular schedule. By doing the newsletter quarterly we gave ourselves extra time to produce it, but the videos have proven to be far more popular so we devoted our time to finishing those. This delayed the magazine, and we still have to re-evaluate it.

Thanks for your interest!

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Would you please tell me tthe name of Diane's magazine and videos so I can subscribed to them. I find the Aculfil ans Stitch Composer so confusing that I gave up trying to use them.

Thanks in advance for the information.

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I knew that this wouldn't be out 2 days after the first one came out! Some
people want instant gratification and don't realize that quality takes time!
I'm sure that once you let us know it is out there, 12000 owners will
probably be lining up to buy the video!

Good luck with your venture wherever it takes you!


Houston, tX

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The jury is still out on that. It's probably telling that only 3 people have
noticed that it hasn't come out! Diane has been spending 100% of her time on
the second volume of the 12000 video guide. I've been doing the editing and
will compile it into a DVD. I've been amazed at how good it is - the best
work she's ever done, which is saying something, considering how long she's
been sewing and that I am the harshest critic alive. The Stitch Composer and
Acufil videos are amazing in the step-by-step approach that explains what I
consider to be some very confusing software. Our goal is to have the DVD
ready for sale next month. Once that's done we will revisit the magazine and
decide how to proceed.

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JIm, is there going to be a spring version of the magazine with some
helpful projects and tips? Or maybe Diane is too busy with the video?

Thought maybe I had missed it but I went to the site and didn't see it



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