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The clips are handy for taking up slack on the edges, where the hoop rings don't hold as well. Yes, keeping the rolled up edge of the quilt out of the hoop is a challenge. Holding it is a good idea. Although everyone here has probably passed the point of watching every embroidery in rapt fascination, we also know that leaving for a cup of tea, answering the phone, or heeding nature's call is a surefire way to cause a sleeve to fall into the hoop, the needle to fall out, or the inner ring of the hoop to leap out.

While we don't have an official announcement of an AcuQuilt hoop for the 12000, I'm certain that it will eventually get all the features of its little sister the 11000. Digitizer MBX gives us a hint, with the choice of an ASQ23 hoop for the 12000. That would suggest an AquQuilt hoop measuring 230 x 230mm.

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thank you to all who responded with tips and info! I got real good at moving the design around, and actually came very close to centering it where I needed...don't know how I missed the icon that moves the needle! I'll give that a try. I'll try to remember to post a picture of how much better the 12000 did on the design than my 165. the little bit that the design was off was I'm sure due to the fact that I didn't hoop it very tightly.

So, I gather, you do hoop AND use the clips? Has anyone actually done a queen size quilt yet using the large hoop? As the hoop can move all the way to the inside of the arm, my thought is that the bulk of the quilt under the arm would interfere with the hoop movement..does it work to just hold it up?

Any definitive word on whether there will be an acuquilt hoop? I don't have one, but in the pictures it looks deeper, better able to manage the bulk. I'd still prefer to avoid having to use any stabilizer if at all possible. Much thanks for all the sharing of ideas!

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