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Jim is correct, of course, about the dealers being kept in the dark. They announced to the dealers in an oblique way when they put out the registration for the upcoming Institute in August. THAT was the first any dealer heard that there was a "new TOL coming" I think your dealer was just trying to make a sale in these tough times. A small profit is better than no profit. I think now that the word is out dealers won't even push the 12000. I agree totally with the statement about car models. We never get upset about those, why machines? Do we have to have EVERYTHING NEW?! (well, I say yes, but that's just me) AS time goes by, the 12000 will look better and better.

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When I purchased my 12000 in February at a deep discount, I asked the dealer if he was discounting it so much because Janome was planning to release a new model, and he flat out said no. Of course, I pretty much knew that he was either misleading me or was in the dark (not likely) but I got my machine at half off with the software and this machine has many more capabilities that I think I might ever be able to master, so I am happy with my purchase even if I am having to reconfigure the top of my sewing cabinet from using my 6600P. It is a small inconvenience to deal with considering the awesome machine I have now.


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I am very disappointed that my dealer did not advise me of the suspected new machine coming out. I just bought mine about 2 weeks ago. I am very upset as I went from a Viking Designer 1 to the 12000,. The only reason I did it was because of the USB issue but I paid close to the same amount of money and did not receive software. Big bummer.

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