my 12000


I had an 11000 and upgraded a year ago with the 12000. I had issues sewing threw thick fabrics with decorative stitches and inconsistency and inaccuracy with embroidery. My favorite items usually have high stitch count, heirloom designs. Plus, I love to make baby items, especially burp clothes using flannel and diapers. Hence the issue with the stitch consistence. I have to brag that the 12000 walking feet are fabulous....even when the aren't totally turned on.....they don't officially work with decorative stitches, but still give better gripping than any other feet I've used. If you haven't tried're missing out!!

I also love to sew on the is truly a pleasure. Honestly, sews so easily and beautifully...I joke it could sew by itself. When I put the pedal to the medal it is still sews smooth and doesn't rock the table. The stitch is consistent and beautiful. My original criteria for any machine was a beautiful and cosistent straight stitch. If it couldn't give me that...then nothing was going to get better from that point on.

I had the acu-quilt for the 11000 and loved it and the ease of quilting with it....haven't tried the one on this one yet.

But...having said that. In my opinion, the one horrible oversight on this machine is the threader. It is a joke. I have had mine replaced and adjusted so many time...I have lost track. At least the one on my 11000 worked. This one on the 12000 is clumsy and inaccurate.

I would love an upgrade to change that out. I just hope that if there is a new machine that they didn't add something that can't be upgraded on mine.

I think this will be my last sewing machine....but I may need a multi-needle stand alone embroidery machine someday...hehe!!

Happy to share!!


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